John Lemmon Films created "DNA & the Protein Express" in collaboration with the Discovery Place science museum in Charlotte, NC.  In four minutes the video explains how DNA is the boss of Transfer RNA and messenger RNA as they create the amino acids that are the building block of proteins. The video makes it easy for students of all ages to understand protein expression inside a human cell.  Here's the beginning of the video:


A clay animated educational animation about how DNA controls the process of protein synthesis inside a human cell. 

Ordering information:

To order "DNA and the Protein Express" contact John Lemmon at or 704.847.0882.

The price for the DVD is $99 + $7 shipping within the contiguous US. We accept purchase orders from schools. Contact us to discuss digital rights aquisition or if you have other questions.



What science teachers and biology teachers say about the video:

"All of the Biology teachers here use the video every semester when we teach Protein Synthesis. The video is a great springboard for conversation prior to the lesson on Transcription and translation. During the lesson we reference the shapes used to represent the tRNA, mRNA, as well as the DNA. The three suction cups on the tRNA make it easy to explain the function of the anticodon as it relates to the color coded codons on the mRNA. We also use the video for highler level students in IB and AP Biology. The students always ask to watch it again, as they remember it from Bio 1. Thank you for creating such a great representation of protein synthesis that our students can easily relate to."    

Robin Kolodziey, NBCT, Biology Teacher 
East Mecklenburg High School - Charlotte, NC


"I love using "DNA and the Protein Express" in my biology classes. A lot of students at my early college high school are first generation college students, many are low income, some are ESL, and a number of them have weak academic backgrounds, so I need resources that make complex ideas understandable, engaging, visual, and memorable. DNA and the Protein Express does all of these, and the students really enjoy it."

Anne Pittman
Duplin County Early College High School


"I LOVE this animation - I have been using it for years, not only for our first-year Bio students, but also for AP Biology and even my Genetics class!! Years after seeing the video, the kids still remember every detail. True story - a student of mine is currently in a doctoral program for molecular biology at UPenn and came back to visit. She asked me if I still showed DNA and the Protein Express, and told me that it was probably the best video she saw in high school. So, thank you!!!
I do indeed think a download would be a great option - I’ll keep my eyes open for its availablility. And please feel free to use whatever you would like for your website - we love you here at Lenape!!"

Kate DeSantis
District Senior Supervisor - Science
Lenape High School - Medford, NJ


"Your video is the most successful way I have found to teach protein expression which is a visual process. I have used it with beginning students all the way to Advanced Placement students with great success. Your work has made my job a little easier and has helped over 1,000 students become successful in biology."

Sally Sturdivant 
Science Department


"I work in a high needs high school where this wonderful animation is a scaffold for my students learning of protein synthesis."  

Johnna O'Neal, Science Teacher
East Community Learning Center- Akron, OH