At John Lemmon Films we cut our teeth on clay animation, creating clay animated TV spots since 1984. All facets of a clay animation production are handled by our studio including character design and fabrication, animation and editing. Contact John Lemmon at or 704.847.0882 for more about clay.

Talking hot dogs and ice cream sundaes are among the clay animated characters in this restaurant TV spot aimed at families with children.


The pig steals the show in this Clay Animation TV spot created by John Lemmon Films, a traditional animation studio in Charlotte, NC, USA.


Clay on Glass animation for Cartoon Network.


We created these two clay animated TV spots using a technique called 'clay on glass'. The clay characters and sets are made in a bas-relief style.


Only a mother could love Shifty, a clay animated fox with a twisted concept of customer service.


Clay animation clips from TV spots that show the cool capabilities of the technique, including metamorphosis and squash and stretch.


A character comes to life Late one night in a clay animation studio.