John Lemmon Films creates characters. A traditional character animation studio in Charlotte, NC, USA, we bring to life your TV spot, Explainer Video or educational video. We use the classic cartoon animation techniques of 2D animation and clay animation.  To learn how to add character to your next animation project, contact John Lemmon at or 704.847.0882.


For this TV spot we used a stylized hand-drawn look to animate a boy flying past planets and stars, dino bones and ballparks.


Excerpt from a 2D Explainer Video. We did the character design, created the animation and added sound effects.


This 30 second animated Public Service Announcement is one of a series on stormwater education. The message: no suds down the storm drain. Each animated video stars a water drop character named Sprink.


This 2D animation shows how to "keep your feet from going to the dogs". View more classic 2D animation by our traditional character animation studio.


This educational video uses traditional character animation to show elementary students how native trees stand up to hurricanes. Our animation studio designed the characters, wrote the script,and created the animation. View more educational animation by our animation company.


Close encounters with aliens, politicians and fried chicken. A clay animated George Bush takes the spotlight with cameos by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. View more clay animation by our studio.


A clay animated educational animation about how DNA controls the process of protein synthesis inside a human cell. View pricing, ordering information and teacher comments.